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News: Encouraging the use of e-cigarettes

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News: Encouraging the use of e-cigarettes

According to a report published by the Royal College of Physicians, healthcare professionals should encourage smokers to replace their tobacco cigarettes with e-cigarettes. Since their introduction to the market in 2004, e-cigarettes have become increasingly popular amongst smokers and their usage has seen an exponential increase to the point where there are several million users of e-cigarettes globally today. Furthermore, the popularity of e-cigarettes appears to exceed that of NRT products which have traditionally been the mainstay of smoking cessation aids.

Like NRT, e-cigarettes appear to be effective when used by smokers who attempt to quit and are associated with increased chance of a successful quit attempt. Although e-cigarettes are not currently made to medicines standards and are likely more hazardous than NRT products, the report also suggests that the hazard to health associated with long-term vapour inhalation for e-cigarettes is unlikely to exceed 5%.

The full article makes for an interesting read and is available here

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