Revision tips

1. Read the syllabus and make sure that you have covered all aspects

It goes without saying that you need to make sure that your revision prepares you for any questions that may come up on the exam. The syllabus often changes year on year so it is important that you read the current syllabus and don't rely too heavily on past questions from previous years

2. Break your revision up into sections to make it easier to digest

Reading the BNF from front to back can be overwhelming and you may well find that in doing so you retain very little information. By breaking your revision down into more manageable chunks and focussing on certain topics, it often makes revision a less laborious process and typically ensures that you retain more information.

3. Have a revision plan

This follows on from the previous point. Having a revision plan allows you to make the most efficient use of your time. Being in full-time work, time is a luxury that pre-registration pharmacists can rarely afford. Therefore, to ensure that you cover all of the GPhC syllabus it may benefit you to formulate some sort of plan. Having such a plan can also help you prepare you mentally for the exam. Having a clear picture of timescales allows you to allocate time accordingly and may (somewhat) relieve the anxiety of the impending exams.

4. Read all of the BNF, particularly the first seven chapters

This may seem counterintuitive after what I said in point 2 but reading the BNF will ensure that you cover all classes of medicines and their indications. As mentioned previously, it isn't recommended that you read the BNF from front to back in one sitting as you will most likely be wasting a good amount of your precious revision time. Instead, read one chapter and then test yourself on what you have learnt, or review our revision notes to highlight the key revision points.

5. Test yourself!

Testing yourself or others can be a great way of assessing your knowledge and identifying areas which need further work. We have a huge range of practice questions that you can access through the test area when you are ready.