Email policy

All electronic mail is intended solely for the recipient(s). Information contained within these communications is confidential and subject to the terms and conditions. Access to electronic mail by anyone other than the recipient(s) is unauthorised. In the event that you receive mail from Prep For Pre-Reg that was not intended for yourself, please inform us at the earliest convenience and promptly delete the mail from your mailbox

If your email address is provided to us through the email capture feature on our 'coming soon' page you are thereby authorising us to send you email notifications that provide updates regarding the development and status of our services.

To provide the most comprehensive service possible, we may send our subscribers email communications to keep them aware of new content or service modifications. If you do not wish to receive these communications from us, please send us an email to that states your desire to no longer receive email communications and allow us 28 days to amend our mailing lists accordingly